The Lord has been so great to me and my family. Through these covid and health struggles you have always been there for me and we are growing! I want to express my gratitude to you.


Paul Alder

-Spokane WA


Dr. Jay-

"I have spent $10,000 on Practice Management and got more of what I needed in Dr. Morgan's session than I have with all the other things I have done."

Trey Leago

A Leago

Robin Shampine D.C.

As you know I have had a S@#% load of personal issues over the last couple of years. Huge road blocks. One of them has left me essentially disabled, forcing me to hire an associate. Well, I don't listen to the news. I don't pay attention to the 10% unemployed, I focus on the 90% that's still working. I forgot to look at the economy and what the Dow Jones was doing this morning.

As a result, we are growing like gang busters. Last year was the best year the practice has seen in it's 17 years. The second week of September this year, we surpassed last years total. We will show close to 30% growth this year over last. We already have 7 new pts on the book for tomorrow. Life is sweet. Thanks for the love and guidance.

Keep up the great work!
Robin D. Shampine D.C. - Seattle WA

A Shampine

Victor Peres

I can't believe how well my new clinic is going I haven't been this exited in years... We are growing each week I can't wait to get there every day... I just wanted you to know that I can't thank you enough for all effort and work you have put into making me successful.

My wife is so tired of hearing me say "Jay says it needs to be done like this but then she always comes back and says your right you need to listen to him.." But I just keep reading your posts and its like we are having a conversation!

Keep up the good work that you're doing and building this amazing profession..

Vic- Kingswood Texas.

A Peres


Our practice has been dwindling for the past 3 years. January, after that my wife and I talked all weekend about getting back into coaching you.

I then got that email out of the blue. At that point my purpose was horrible, focus was off,etc. The week we joined all of sudden we had 9 Np's w 7 Starts, Last week we had 7 Np's w 6 starts, I also did my Health class finally and got 3 NP's. Did a screening this morning at a gym and got 6 prepayed NP's. This week we have a total 9 Np's scheduled with another 2 pre scheduled for next week and I'm doing my health class tonight and have 12 scheduled to attend. My goal is to get at least 5 NP leads, and 1 workshop lead from each patient and sign up at half of the guests.

I’ve barely had a chance to implement the stuff I’ve been getting but being in touch with an on purpose Doc has gotten me fired up and recomitted!!! The weekly motivation and connection to other DC's is awesome and helped me to get back on PURPOSE, Thanks Dr Jay!!!

Chris S Fowler, D.C.

A Fowler

Hey Jay-

Just thought I would let you know March was our best month even! We had pv=1,249 np=77 prod=83,000 (final collection numbers are not in yet as we have one day left in the month but they are a record also!).

Marty Longner D.C. Bullhead City AZ

A Longner

Since I went on line with you my practice has tripled in little over 90 days, and is still growing.

Thank You!....Dr. Glanville Spokane WA

Andrew Glanville

Hey Jay,

Just thought I'd share with you that I just paid off my business loan from when I bought my practice. That's $222,500 for the practice. Not to mention I paid off the student loan 6 years ago which was $87,500. That's $310,000 in loans (just principal) that have been paid back in 10 years or less.....

Thanks so much for your help! I could not have done it without your help!

Mike Trabbold D.C. -Kenosha WI

A Trabbold

Lyle Koca


You are a PILLAR and example of LEADERSHIP for ChiropracTIC Jay...what you are doing for me and our D.C.s here in Nebraska for EPOC...THANK YOU FOR STEPPING WAYYYYYY UP TO THE PLATE...much luv bro!!!

Lyle Koca D.C. -Omaha Nebraska

Lyle Koca


If you need to use me in any promotional material for you please do. It seems as long as I stay connected to your Internet program all is well. Collections are at an all time high....The practice is booming. Thanks for helping me in every way these past 20 years!

Thank-You for everything and every way you have impacted my life.


Mike Shimmel D.C. -Stow-Kent Ohio

A Shimmel

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