Paula Batterton

I have worked with Dr. Jay for 22 years plus. I was recommended by a classmate what was being mentored by him. I remember saying " I can't afford that" and Jays reply was " You can't afford not to." Boy was he right. With Jays guidance we doubled in a year. He gave me step by step direction. Since then we have continued to grow. Throughout the years he has been available 24/7 to provide a resource for any situation that may arrise. He is one of the most positive and compassionate people I have ever met. Dr. Jay inspires all of those around him to be better versions of themselves. He is a blessing to the lives of his clients and the Chiropractic profession.

Feel Free to contact me directly. 713-861-9168 Houston Texas


Dear Jay-

I just want you to know how special your friendship and help has been over the years. Some of the best times in my life with the support, seminars and classes over the years with you. Thank you for being a important part of my life. I can never say thank you enough, love you buddy!!! May God continue to bless you and your family!

Terry Meridith DC -KY

A Meridith

Dear Jay-

I consider the most important step a Chiropractor can take, especially a recent graduate, is to have a mentor and a consultant, or both. that way you take on a smooth efficient system from day one. Essential to any business and absolutely essential for Chiropractic. My clinic was turned into a million dollar practice in one year under Jay Morgan DC support.

Gary Weber DC. London England.

Gary Weber

Thanks Jay!!

We collected nearly 159 K last month! YAY! It goes without saying, but you have been instrumental in my success. Both in the office and with my personal life. Thanks from the bottom of my heart.

GG Grant DC. Monroe LA


Dear Jay-

You good sir are one hell of a phenomenal human being. I for one am incredibly thankful our paths crossed. Thank you for all the help and inspiration you have given me and so many others.

Richard Fox DC. Arcadia CA


Thanks Dr. Jay!

I am grateful for all your love and support. You make a difference in my life and my practice!

Dr. Binns - WA



I’m a brand new client. I’ve been coached by many big hitters over the past 30 years, and had a successful, profitable career. No regrets. While I don’t have much history with you, I’ve seen a sincerity and unconditional desire to help that is very refreshing. Stay thirsty my friend.

Michael Huppert DC. - Athens GA

Athens Huppert

Hi Dr. Jay,

I want to thank you for all your advice every time we reach out to you. Its always right on the mark, invaluable.

Paul Blumsack, D.C. 770-362-6430 Marietta, GA


Dear Jay,

I was contemplating this morning the different approaches different coaches/mentors have taken over the years. As usual you are in the trenches, losing sleep, available 24/7 to provide the nuts and bolts to get us to the other side of this covid trauma intact. I am grateful for all that you do and continue to do.

Paula Batterton DC. - Houston Texas 713-861-9168

A Batterton

Dr. Jay

As a leader a mentor what have you offered us during this entire time is Hope and direction. In addition to specific steps all along the way so we could stay stable and grow. We could have never made it through this covid mess with out you. You led us directly to all the available grants and procedures to keep our patients under care inspite of a statewide lockdown.

Sincere Appreciation. -GG Grant DC. Monroe LA

GG Grant

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