You are not only inexpensive but really teach the basics. It really tightens up things that I have either forgotten or got loose on. Spot on the best coaching of back to basics I ever had. No fluff.

Ricky Hanks D.C. Dallas TX

Hi Jay-

348 visits w 10 nps this week and 4 reactivated ones.With your help we just tweaked a few things. It seems that at some point you only have to do a handfull of things correctly and make sure you don't roadblock yourself.

Thanks for helping me get there! This is fun!

Dr. Howard Tornopski Lakewood NJ


I can really tell that the changes we've made are making a difference. And I've only made a couple of small changes. As I add new things each week, I do better and better. Thanks again, Jay!

Dr. David Hadden O'Fallon MO


Three new patients on the books tomorrow. It's like magic, when I talk to you.

Dr. Algrim Racine WI


I enjoy just having someone to report to and ask for help when needed. I am sitting on more money than ever. You have done wonders for me. Thanks.

Kevin Screen D.C. Turlock CA

Hello my friend!

Heading off to Mexico for a vacation Tomorow. None of it would have been possible without your guidance. I thank you not for the vacation or even the busy schedule,I truly thank you for getting me back on purpose by changing my focus.

I know you're there, always available and always ready to help! May the Universe bless you with Happiness in all walks of your life!

Jim Baggio D.C. Franklin WS

Jay, we started the New Year with 167 new patients in January. Your new patient projects are golden!

Scott Matz D.C. Billings Montana


Thanks so much for helping me. You really go the extra mile-impressive consulting work, really. Very few chiropractic consultants care enough to do true consulting work. You are one of the very few.

Your friend!

Glen Waldt D.C. PA

Gratitude is one of the highest feelings surpassed only by the feeling of love. I am thankful that you are part of the riches for which I have deep gratitude.

Ernesto Davilla

Thanks to my business advisor "Coach Jay Morgan~~the best that ever was. Has held my head and kept my heart where it belongs many times!

Barbara Downes DC

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