When I started this with you, my clinic was doing about 65 patient visits and collecting between $8000 and $15,000 per month. I am seeing between 180 and 230 and collecting between $40,000 and $60,000 now, and we are still on the rise. I thank you for the weekly input...it is truly valuable!!!

Pat Kennedy Rocky Mountain VA.

My practice was in the toilet, we hit the bottom. While trying to figure out my options I came across Dr. Jay's web site. At first I was skeptical. However it turned out to be everything he promised and much more!

With access to Jay 24/7, I have my own management consultant on call. Before I was on my own, trying to guess what was the right thing to do. My practice is improving in every way with Jay's help. Last month we set a record $40,000 plus. We are nearing our goal of 210 patient visits a week.

Joining up with Jay has without a doubt been one of the best business decisions I have ever made. Jay has helped me in countless ways both personally and professionally, and for that I am eternally grateful!

Mark Loesser D.C.

We have been mentored by Dr Jay Morgan for over 12 years. He has helped us tremendously with his support, both emotionally and professionally, and has given us the knowledge and guidance to be able to improve our practice and to raise it to higher levels of productivity and efficiency. He is immediate in his responses to requests for help of any kind, constantly available and always supportive. I would unhesitatingly recommend his services to anyone in need of a great mentor and assistance with improving their practice.

Drs Dale and Christy Constantin The Woodlands TX

After a few years of floundering around trying to build a practice we were lead to Dr. Jay. That day will be remembered as the day we truly began our practice. No longer did we have to play it by ear, there was a true game plan. With Dr. Jay’s guidance we felt we didn’t have to reinvent the wheel. Dr. Jay is always there when you need help. He is very prompt with his attention- sometimes it is as if he has a crystal ball and knows when you need him before you know it yourself.

Personally, he has been a rock during the difficult times in our lives, always our cheerleader whether it was business or personal. During the better moments of life, he was there to celebrate with us. We have known Dr. Jay for the past 11 years, since that time he has been our coach, mentor and friend.

If you follow has he says, your practice will grow and you will become a better person and chiropractor. His teachings are based on sound chiropractic principles and philosophy, which we all need in practice. Our practice went from barely making overhead to being on track to collect over 1 million this year.

Drs. Joe & Lara Clinton, Houston, TX


Since being with you I have been able to buy a condo, a boat, motorcycle, new furniture, and just bought a new suit today. My bank accounts continue to grow as well. I believe it is because of your constant help. You deserve the thanks!

Chad Golden Houston, TX

I wish I would have known about this program a few years ago. You have given me more good (real and usable) info in the couple of weeks that I have been doing this than the all consultants that I am still paying and have not had any contact with since Oct.

Scott Stiffey D.C. -Palmyra MO.

Dr. Jay,

EVERYTHING IS GETTING BETTER FOR ME AND MY PRACTICE. Implementation and consistency/persistency pays off. Thank you for your continued guideance.

Thank you....sincerely.

Dr. Mike Corey Tustin, CA

Jay, When I started 18 years ago ( man, I am getting old) that began my relationship with you. This was all part of Gods plan for me. Your wisdom and advice have been right on target. I RESPECT YOU, your commitment, drive, passion, and desire to see Chiropractors succeed in this world. If any new doc came to me asking for help on whom to pick for a management team to guide and direct them, you are my answer because I feel you are the best out there.

Ron Vargo D.C. – Canton Ohio

Hi Jay-

We should break another record for the year and have our biggest month of the year. I want to thank you for all your awesome help!

Sabrina Williams D.C. Beebe AR

Jay- I got a great patient at a Farmers market Spinal screening. I only had 1 person to make an appointment that night. I totally messed up on the ROF, but he just pre-payed for all 58 visits with 20% discount. = 1,856. Thank you very much Jay for your help!

Dr. Victor Roman- Southern California

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