Hey Doc-

I wanted to say thank you for the dramatic help you have been in my life and practice. I humbly thank you for your guidance. You have been a rock that i have been able to stand on.

James Fowler DC. -Rowlett TX

A Fowler

Dr. Jay-

I wanted to tell you thank you for helping me so much. You have no idea how much you really have helped me professionally and personally. It crossed my mind and I thought I would let you know.

Jason Malucci DC. - Dayton Ohio

Jason Malucci


I’ve worked with several heavyweight consultants, and invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over the years. And while they helped me grow, eventually they showed their true colors - - their success was the most important. In the year I’ve worked with you, you are more sincere, decent, and honest than any of the other coaches. I highly recommend you.

Michael Huppert DC

A Huppert

Hi Jay,

I wanted to share that last week was our best week ever. Very happy with it!

Andy Rawlings DC. -Southern California

Andy Rawlings

Great stuff Dr. Jay.

Persistency and consistency are the keys. I understand the saying, "when you're going through hell, just keep going.". Don't quit. Refine your game. Do things that are uncomfortable. Stretch yourself. Your service during that time with almost daily communication, support and encouragement through emails, the Facebook group, the PPP updates all were crucial in keeping the motivation high.

Throughout it all I never panicked. I innately knew that if we just paid attention and stayed true to success principles it would work out. The weekly motivational emails were like oxygen. I copied and shared them with my staff. We read them at the beginning of every office meeting. I read them and meditated with them every day. I flooded my brain with positivity.

All in all this year just taught me that practices may change but principles are forever. You famously tell us not to try to invent something new but to copy what works. I took that to heart this year and can truly say we had a great year.

Thank you for being there this year from the bottom of my heart. I know we've never personally met but I feel like Ive been working with you a thousand years and trust you implicitly.

Thanks for being there.

A Terrell

I'm so grateful for your guidance over the years.... I was literally about to walk away from being a chiropractor 9 years ago. You talked me off of the ledge (with a swift kick ?) and the rest is history ? THANK YOU for believing in me.

Andrew Oteo D.C. - Dallas Texas.

Andrew Oteo

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Hi Jay,

Again, thanks for being the best coach I've never met.

Eric Terrell

Eric Terrell

Dear Dr. Jay

Today has been a tremendous day. I just wanted to let you know that I really enjoyed and benefited from today's tele-seminar. As always, you do a fantastic job of motivating me and my staff. Thank you for being there for me and supporting me in this journey to take my practice to a much higher and profitable level.

Yours truly,

Bahram Gosh D.C. Orange County CA

Upon graduating, I was a very competent chiropractor. However, my business skills were lacking. I loved helping people get and stay healthy with chiropractic. But I was really struggling financially. Something wasn't right. Became extremely frustrated because I had invested many years of my life in chiropractic. But my return on investment was dismal. I was working harder and longer than ever before, but I could barely pay my bills. I was consistently taking cash advances from my credit card just to get by. This couldn't go on much longer.

One night, I was so upset, frustrated, angry and exhausted that I cried like a baby. The next day, my wife told me about a beautiful, GIANT freestanding chiropractic office she had seen. That evening, on my way home from another lousy day at the office, I stopped in (unannounced) and asked to speak with the doctor. I had to wait a while because he was so busy. I asked him about a hundred questions, searching for his secret to success. I wanted to know what he WAS doing that I was NOT doing. This super successful chiropractor told me that his personal coach, Dr. Jay Morgan, was responsible for his success. So the next day, I called Dr. Jay. I told Dr. Jay that I wanted a GIANT office like his other client. He gave me immediate action steps. And life has not been the same since.

I have now paid off all my credit card debt. I have repaid one of my student loans. I have a new office, a new home and, most importantly, a new outlook on life! Oh yeah, and a new car too! Every Sunday, Dr. Jay emails me a weekly game plan to focus on. There is also a video of the week that features an idea to help build my practice. Every Monday night, I join Dr. Jay and dozens of other doctors in an online live consultation. He is available via email 24/7 to answer any question and help me navigate through any problem that life throws at me. Problems still arise. That is part of life. But now, I have Dr. Jay to help me through them! All of this is practically free. I've never seen a better bargain in all my life! If it were not for Dr. Jay and his sound, ethical advice, I would probably be bankrupt today. Do what Dr. Jay tells you to do, and you too, can have a better practice and life.

Thank you, Dr. Jay! I love you as much as my wife!!!

Jeremy Schmid DC, Princeton TX

Hi Jay-

I like the way you think, you know if I told you I had cancer you would say "yeh but at least your not a leper!" Thanks for keeping me positive so I can keep this practice rolling now its more important then ever!!!

Kim Lombardy D.C. Augusta Georgia

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