I can't say enough nice things about Dr. Jay! He is the best! I started with
jay probably 3 years ago now. I had been doing pretty well probably 450,000
a year gross and taking home a decent check. This year we did just under one
million, I now take off sat, and work till 1 on Friday. Life really couldn't
be better. It's been great!

Jay knows about pretty much everything. I can email him for an associate
contract a marketing idea an accountant financial advice just about
anything. And if he doesn't know he will find it out. With his program there
are weekly chats, teleconferences, and semiannual seminars. The real value
is jay. You have access to jay like no other coach, and I tried a bunch. I
email jay on weekends night am, anytime and he gets right back to me, I
usually email him Sunday at 8 which is like 6 there and he still gets right
back to me. He is also very available by the phone as well. He is the best!

In short jay is great!!!

Dr. James R Fedich, DC

Dear Jay - I really am so thankful we met years ago, you have really been a catalyst for change in my life. This next step would not be possible without your guidance and I am so thankful for you. THANK YOU for your mentorship and friendship it has been invaluable to me. Andrew Oteo D.C. Dallas Texas

Andrew Oteo

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