My practice was not seeing as many patients as I anticipated upon purchasing it and the bills were piling up, as was my stress. Since working with Jay our practice has soared from 115 patient visits per week to 400 patients visits just last week. His Internet program keeps me focused and on purpose each week. I am also always amazed how fast Jay responds to my personal emails.

James Appell D.C. Columbus OH

The assistance that you have provided me has literally changed my life and helped me to achieve most every GOAL I have set for myself. When I became a client I was working a 5 day work week seeing approximately 70 -80 patient visits weekly with 20 new patient visits monthly and gross revenue of close to $300,000/yearly. I am now proud to say through you guidance I now see 150-175 patient visits weekly on a 4 day work week with 35-45 new patient visits monthly and gross revenue of close to $500,000/yearly. This growth has allowed me to purchase a new office space which of course you helped me design as well as spend more time with my family which means the world to me. Thanks for always keeping me focused and being there at the drop of a hat with any questions or dilemmas that I have encountered.

Bryan Woods D.C. Austin Texas

I want to take this opportunity to personally thank you for all the help and support you have given me since I joined your on-line chiropractic management support program. You have re-kindled the excitement for chiropractic that was slowly flickering. Your program has gotten me back on track and continues to keep me on track with the basics that are necessary to make a practice successful.

You have helped to create a reality to the vision of the type of practice that I have been wanting for many years. I am totally excited to have you on my mastermind team. The promptness of the responding to my questions is amazing. All my questions are answered and fully understood. When clarification is needed on a particular subject, you are right there with the answer. For chiropractors that would like to have the practice of their dreams, I would highly recommend working with you.

For the small investment in your tutoring, the return is HUGE!!! It is wonderful to have such a knowlegible and caring trainer in my corner. I come out swinging with excitement every morning I get up. Thank you so much.

Dr. Richard Habighorst Menasha, WI

I signed on with Dr. Jay before opening my office 3 years ago. From day one, he has been more of an asset than I ever could have imagined. He treats my office as if it was his own and always gives very practical, honest, and heartfelt advice.

One of the things that I find the most valuable is how quickly he responds to any and all inquiries. It seems as if the man never stops working. I have received instant email replies from Jay from all over the world. Rarely does a day go by that we haven't exchanged numerous emails about both challenges and triumphs.

I honestly don't know what I would have done with out him. Whether it be a pep talk, a gentle reminder or a kick in the pants to get you motivated or on purpose, Jay has always been there when I have needed him the most.

Stacey Halpern D.C. Costa Mesa, CA

Friends had advised me to get on the internet program immediately to see my office grow. I got myself enrolled and boy, were they right. In addition to the motivation, the instructions and reminders keep me focused on what I need to do.

Because of this my practice has grown rapidly and my life is enriched. I am so impressed on the speed of Dr. Jay’s help and responses. Within a few minutes I would see a response in my inbox from Dr. Jay and felt relieved. Being successful and a high achiever takes much more than doing, it also takes the support and wisdom of other successful people who can guide you to make the right decisions and the right actions.

This is what the internet program provides me with. It also provides me with the reminder of implementing certain actions in my practice and life that keeps me successful and on track to never ending personal and professional growth.

Thank you Dr. Jay!

Anita Haque D.C.

It’s not often that I actually sit down to let someone know how he or she has touched my life. Since working with you as my coach on the internet support program, I have not only gained clarity in practice, but also personal growth. The organized fashion with which you present each and every possible aspect of the chiropractic office is amazing. This has helped me cut through the seemingly endless maze of �what-to-dos� associated with this great profession called “chiropractic”.

The growth from the start was more than I could have imagined and has continued as a result of the daily support I get from your Internet Program. I guess this is starting to sound sappy, but I am a better person and chiropractor because of you.

Dr. William Craig Queensbury New York

I just wanted to let you know that I started booking outside lectures using your stress & health lecture. We had 8 people say "yes" and so far 6 of them have come in already. I have to say I am quite pleased with those results considering my nerves and the fact that it was my first one. I just wanted to thank you for re-igniting the fire in me, especially to get out there doing lectures. My marketer is creating a database of businesses, groups, clubs and organizations we can reach out to. I see the future as unlimited now! Thanks!

Dr. Richard A. Mugavero/Bradford, MA

I first Met Dr. Jay, my wife and I were just 3 months into practice, newly married, new baby, new state, and in deep debt. I just needed direction. Jay and I quickly bonded. We have never looked back. My practice jumped almost immediately and ultimately rose to almost 1 million per year.

To get there required countless decision making. From who to hire, who to fire, what promotion to do, how to do it, etc. I think that is where Dr. Jay shines the most! When faced with the day to day decisions of practice, Jay could always help you to make the right decision. I can’t think of one time that Jay's advice was wrong.

I think ultimately that we chiropractors are in a unique situation unlike any other profession. We have unique challenges that we all face from prejudices, misinformed public, to outright lies about what we do. The internet support program and support from Dr. Jay creates a sense of unity which gives you power.

Dr. Jim Minico Chapin SC

Chris and Debbie McKenney

We have been with Dr. Jay’s internet program since its inception. We use it our team meetings every week. The Doctors and staff all get a world of information and motivation from this. The one on one Doctor interviews in the chat rooms give us idea to put into practice the very next day.

information and ideas we receive are worth a hundred times the cost of the program. It is nice to know that you can pick up your phone or email Dr. Jay and have an immediate response. Because of this support we now have a brand new free standing clinic building and see well over 700 patient visits each week, week in and week out.

Chris Mc Kenney D.C. Belleview FL

Hey Dr.Jay

As always I'm deeply and truly thankful for your constant and unyielding support.

Dr. Ernest Puerto Rico

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