Dr. Jay Morgan

Online Chiropractic Practice Coach

Patient Procedure Videos

Patient referrals start with patient education and understanding of what it is we do. Please review both of these videos together. First the consult video, followed by the report video. Then align what you are doing or saying in both as close to these as possible. The more so you do, the more they will understand, which translates into more new patient referrals to you!

#1 - How to do a Proper New Patient Consultation

#2 - How to do a Proper New Patient Report of Findings.

#3 - Patient Finances/Collections.

#4 - Patient Scheduling/Multiple Appointment Cards.

#5 - Re-exams and Re-reports.

#6 - Patient Transportation to the Adjusting Rooms and Back to the Front.

#7 - New Patients.

#8 - Appointment Book.